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A sprawling spacious house in the middle of a bustling city! It is a house that brings you the best of both the worlds – your convenience and your privacy. Yes, easy commutability to any important part of the city without compromising on the peace and solitude of your treasured privacy.

Set in the heart of Ballygunge, Akshara Petals woos you with it’s absolute premium segment flats that are not only around 2500 sq. feet but are customizable as well. They are all ‘ready to move in’ and offer residential and retail features. There are showrooms as well.The ground floor showrooms are presently occupied by SBI and ICICI Banks which ensure stringent security measures round  the clock, thus providing safety and peace of mind.

With Ballygunge being one of the most popular and important locations in Kolkata and Akshara Petals being built with all it’s upscale amenities and luxury features, Akshara Petals has been designed to purely delight!

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