The inspiration to christen the group as Akshara, was drawn from the founder’s devotion to the Goddesses Akshara Devi.

Based on this ethos, the foundation of the Akshara Group was laid. For the group, it is of utmost importance to create a benchmark in the real estate industry by providing the quality assured. For this very reason precisely, the group continues to develop the real estate sector with the same undivided devotion to quality – where every brick laid breathes life into the character of the property, thus smoothening the transformation process from a house to a home when people move in.

Through a detailed and patient understanding of the ‘geometry of requirements’, vivid imaginations spark off innovative designs, intelligent strategies and breathtaking aesthetics. By employing multiple controls and checks, it is ensured that every home provided to a family is made with the same flair and magnificence as the others, thus epitomizing the unfaltering quality standard , which is the very foundation stone of Akshara Group- Devotion to Quality!

For the Group it is not merely about providing a space but rather creating a haven where multiple generations of a family can live together, share moments, experience togetherness and build fond memories. This is our source of inspiration. Every time we realize that it is not just a space of construction, but an abode for a family to live and create memories which  will be passed on as tales down the generations, we get geared up to provide such befitting quality homes to our customers that they will be proud of.

Thus, the very essence of Akshara Group embraces an honest, transparent and direct approach to provide excellent quality properties to people that add value to their lives, giving them an enriched meaning.

For over thirty years, this imbibed spirit has been the driving force behind every activity of the group and is reflected in all its ventures.


To be a world-class real estate organization with our properties, processes, people and performance. To add value and make a positive difference to the lives we touch.

To constantly strive to be the most preferred developer for residential and retail spaces by bringing benefits to all our Stakeholders. It is our humble endeavor to create properties and spaces for families where they get to build and nurture a lifetime of fond memories.


To create a benchmark in the real estate industry by providing the quality assured.

To ensure ‘Class par Excellence’ quality standard properties, regardless of the size of the projects – big or small.We shall continue to deliver phenomenal projects that are not only elegant but also involve intelligent utility features, innovative space optimization and state of the art technology.


• 360 degree Quality

• Trustworthiness

• Consistency

Responsible Socially

• Constant Innovation and Improvement

• An Attitude to make a Positive Difference and Add Value

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