Walk into the Real Estate Scene with Us:

Given the upcoming Indian Economy, especially in the coming decade, the real estate horizon looks bright. The residential and retail segments across different verticals offer career opportunities that are waiting to be tapped. Akshara Group offers plenty of career opportunities that relate to architecture, design, construction, land acquisition, marketing, land investment and more

Grow and Help Grow.

One of the finer aspects of the Akshara philosophy lies in its belief of holistic growth. Having built a brand value for itself with a sound reputation over the past three decades, the group provides endless opportunities that are not only conducive for a productive working environment but the very work culture infuses a spirit that nurtures creativity. This is what allows Akshara Group to come up with innovative and novel creations every time. Besides, the workplace offers tremendous scope to all associates to hone their skills, learn and improve on their knowledge front so that they can accomplish their targets more efficiently.

A Renowned Company to Work With

The Group is committed to creating a talent pool of the best of minds especially while recruiting talent from the best institutions in the country. The group takes extreme care in getting all the think-tanks together and due attention is paid to nurture a culture of innovation and creativity so that the products that are delivered set new benchmarks in the realty arena.

Get Rewarded: Enjoy the Shared Success of the Organization.

Akshara Group strongly believes in appreciating and giving due recognition to all its associates by sharing it’s success for their contribution in making a success story come alive. In addition to the leading compensations that we offer to our employees, we provide a galore of growth opportunities to our associates with continuous performance management and training facilities. We continuously provide scope where their potential is pushed to the limits and through exciting challenges, they can develop their talents better as they get guided by professional assistance and training programmes.

Doing the right thing, the right way

Having established an a quality brand name over the past thirty years, Akshara Group has it’s values deeply rooted in integrity, honesty, sincerity and dignity of labour where all the work ethos come into play and maintains it at par with the best standards in the industry. It is our humble and conscious effort to bring about significant changes in the lives of all our stakeholders and thereby contribute to our society and environment.

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